Welcome to the Raintree User Groups Website


Raintree Systems has made the strategic decision to standardize and formalize the inputs for customer feedback. To best achieve this, we agreed that creating a forum for current users of our solutions to collaborate with each other, in a constructive way, to promote best practices, build relationship, and to ultimately drive future product feature and functionality development.

User Group Benefits

  • Learn best practices and optimal use of Raintree from your peers
  • Get answers, advice, tips, and suggestions from experts
  • Discover new ideas and gain insight about Raintree developments
  • Receive special information about new Raintree versions and features
  • Network with other professionals in your segment of the industry
  • Be part of the leading edge of Raintree users

Website Features

  • Calendar for user group meetings and other events
  • Polls for voting on your preferences and priorities
  • Forum for posting topics and replies
  • Make friends with other user group members
  • Send private messages to friends


To particpate in our user groups, please login using the form on the left or create an account.

After creating your account you may request membership in any of the user groups that are applicable to you and join in the discussion.