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MIPS Education Series Webinars – Preparing for 2019

November 5, 2018 in Events

MIPS Education Series – Preparing for 2019

A series of educational topics to help prepare your MIPS reporting in 2019

Session 1
November 14th
– Preparation for MIPS reporting 2019
—-Understanding the minimum thresholds
—-How to determine eligibility
—-Reporting as a group or individual
—-How is MIPS Scored?
—-What are the 4 categories?
—-How can bonus points be achieved?

Session 2
November 19th
– Basics For Reporting in 2019
—-What are the reporting periods for each of the categories?
—-Which categories do I have to report?
—-How many quality measures should be reported?
—-What Quality Measures are available and which ones should I choose?
—-Which patients do I have to report on?

Session 3
November 28th
– How to Collect and Submit Data
—-Set up and configuration of quality measures in Raintree
—-Workflow of gathering data
—-Options for submitting data to CMS

Q&A Sessions
December 5th – 7th
– Open Question & Answer Sessions

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