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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – September 2016

October 15, 2016 in New Product Features, Product Changes, Product News


  • Created necessary functionality to perform an ICD-10 2016 Update and protect the system from posting/billing diagnosis codes that shouldn’t be billed (9.4.400) (149998/151564/151566)
  • Chart: Added support for new standard medication record – SSMED. Retained backwards compatibility for MEDRX (500) (149578)
  • Dashboard: EOD section got a new button that refreshes EOD active counts and automatically closes the EOD if possible (500) (149195)
  • Allergies are now in SSMED EMR plugin (500) (149579)
  • Usability In Orders: Marking a simple step will mark next step selected if next step is not simple step (500) (139462)
  • WebPortal: Patient Portal now supports “openform” for providers, referrals, locations, insurances & users (check Correspondence / Tracking menu for each) (500) (129648)
  • Send Text Message option is added to the Locational Table Additional menu (500) (151122)


  • Print Preview Export Data to Excel to repeat 2 visible cells from header on each row. Previously only 1st cell was repeated on each row. The first 2 are usually code, description (400) (129398)
  • Added WebServer login front to the WebClient which is shown before launching an agent (600) (147542)


  • Added Vaccine History to E-Note (500) (141810)
  • Added miscarriages and abortions, recent to dx tests, shingles to vaccines, and staging and remission to cancer on the medical history (500) (145229)
  • When you print an e-note and there is a version that is signed and the one you are printing is not signed, it will ask if you want the signed one instead (500) (147890)
  • Added Service Ticket for Heel Lift and Nutrition (500) (141541)
  • Added a second option for Within Normal Limits that can be for a problem focused exam which is smaller (500) (148246)
  • We are now always showing at least 5 lines on the charge recap before dynamically adding for manual adjustment (500) (149765)
  • Added bariatric exams (500) (145597)
  • Added logic to reassign or assign a cosigner to a procedure after the procedure is complete (500) (141380)
  • Procedures: Added left/right for therapy location, partial stretch and no charge button for therapy (500) (141542)
  • Added Select All / Deselect All on e-note so you don’t have to open the assessment (500) (146245)


  • Claim Status Interface: Added support for multiple download sources. Each source can be added as a record in code table and the process will get files from each source (500) (149207)
  • It is now possible to filter follow-ups by insurance category, it is now possible to route follow-up records by insurance category (500) (149688)
  • Created new Weekly Follow-up Work Queue report. It allows to analyze work queue size over time (500) (149286)
  • We do not allow to close or mark open exception billbars anymore (500) (150323)


  • Added comment history to payor module/screen (500) (145951)
  • Coding Edits has now an option to send ticket to billing review, if max units per visit is hit during posting (500) (143277)
  • Payor overlap handler: Added better functionality for secondary overlap handling, should not reverse copay transfer from primary. should only reverse incorrect payors transfers away and then transfer over balance of the incorrect payor (500) (144726)
  • Remittance: buttons on the posting tab that perform actions on more than one file now account for the date range filter that is applied to the list (148314)
  • Remittance: It’s now possible to search for payments based on the charge DOS (149730)
  • RSCPT: Added local function for printing payment comments if ledger library is not present or is missing the required function (10.0) (145329)
  • Default priority for VBEN can now be defined on ins/fclass level (138120) (500)
  • Service Ticket: Beautified BTICM ticket (500) (136804)
  • Original Claim ID field from the billbar and patient ledger print bill screen is increased to 25 characters (400) (147463)
  • HCFA/A837P: It’s now possible to use ALL in order to send the CLIA for all insurances (146138)
  • A837P: Expanded setup options #33 and #34 to accommodate overriding Billing Provider and Pay-To-Provider address values via setup options (151185)
  • Max Benefits: Added new mode to show all patients that have insurances with active max benefit. Added some benefit related columns to report + possibility for user to selected which columns to show. Option to refresh the amount on payor (500) (136814)


  • Added HXMAA listviews for DoseSpot (500) (149470)
  • Raintree Now displays FOTO warnings even if survey setup is set to optional (500) (149621)
  • Payor Module: Added support for credit card interfaces when using O-Payors and Credit Card Interface-specific insurance (500) (124357)
  • FOTO: We are now populating provider and location from case/demo if available (400) (151018)


  • Aging buckets – combining reversal charges with the original charge within the same aging bucket is now supported in all aging modes instead of just by posting date (500) (145760)
  • Grand Totals added for EMR units to Appointment Summary report (500) (145555)
  • Removed old discharge report from menus. Report replaced by Case audit report (500) (112436)
  • (UC15) We now allow to send script to report scheduler if user has RPSCH E right instead of DEBUG E right (400) (135421)


  • TVIST and LTNOT can now use Contact Send Library (500) (140388)
  • Added Objective Tests tab and listview to the Functional Codes screen (500) (144491)
  • LTNOT will now print previous test scores along with current scores (500) (146008)
  • Added HEP compliance added to LTNOT and TVIST education tab (500) (149903)
  • PQRS free text is now capable of accepting merge tags (500) (149614)


  • Added Rivermead Post Concussion questionnaire (500) (141475)
  • Added NOMS test to rehab objective test (500) (142572)
  • Added PO/OT concussion exam to standard (500) (150643)
  • Added SSIS Student 8-12 Test (400) (148286)
  • Added SSIS Parent Test (400) (148287)
  • Added pediatric test GFTA-3 (400) (138548)
  • Added The Print Tool as a pediatric test (400) (147112)


  • Added WebPortalURL RSL command (500) (131767)
  • Added AskScheduledJobPassword FS function (500) (150118)
  • Added RSL variables for CPU usage % and memory usage % (500) (150390)
  • Reintroduced StartPlay RSL command (500) (150831)
  • Added narrative parameter to EMRVIEWHISTORY command to merge alternate narrative for content instead of using existing documents (400) (150170)
  • We can now use the redirect command w/o specifying the config (500) (150321)
  • Created TCP/IP communicator for allowing rtClient to communicate with devices in rtClient’s network (500) (143769)
  • RT Job Monitor is now Fax aware (500) (141927)
  • StandByClients can now trigger login/logout rules (500) (150065)
  • Added capability to debug PHP with an external application (600) (151120)
  • WebPortal: added RTM Widget Mask property support (500) (134979)
  • WebPortal: added required field/required message support (500) (146833)
  • RT Monitor is now collecting the locked tables in case of Threads Running being very big (150311)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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