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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – May 2016

October 15, 2016 in New Product Features, Product Changes, Product News


  • Introduced RT BI (500) (140806)
  • Added capability to F4 reset password for users who can’t access the user table (500) (139775)
  • Demographics: Added Religious Preference field to Additional Info tab. Its visibility can be controlled by setup option in Demo module (400) (138853)
  • EOD: Added possibility to sign off records using the complete/amend button on screen (400) (139794)
  • Scheduler: Added capability to schedule resources with appointment block booking (500) (140918)
  • Scheduler: It is now possible to filter the Workschedules by provider or by location (500) (141571)
  • Scheduler: Added ability to print letter for single patient in the scheduler (500) (141113)
  • Scheduler: Enhanced the doublebooking warnings (500) (140888)
  • Scheduler: Added capability to set NoShow reason. It is now possible to set multiple appointments to NoShow (500) (136505)
  • Having BILLEXP L right with cojunction of CHARGE FP will now hide the billed and expected fields in the Charge Screen (135260) (400)
  • SEND: Added capability to send Fax/Email to all insurances instead of just the primary insurance (138087) (500)
  • Referral table can also take use of counter table via REFNO. Requires global.ini change (140597) (500)
  • Went through lot of screens to make sure that we show Physician Credentials in everywhere (400) (139745)


  • Ctrl-T is used for opening FastBreak. Ctrl+Shif+T is the new shortcut for setting the Today’s date in RT Scheduler


  • Optimized the memory consumption of the Remittance Reason Code Report (137802) (10.0+)
  • Raintree Service is now capable of archiving RT logs (500) (133247)
  • Optimized the ACL checks (500) (141399)
  • QoS reports are now around 10x faster (500) (140790)
  • Created auto correction for Ghost Agent (500) (141463)


  • Orders: Added simple DME order that prints as a prescription (500) (142964)
  • Added a side button in scanning screen to see scanned docs, adding filters, for customers who want a specific filter we can add an event (500) (141397)
  • Added all CHIRO procedures (500) (138965)
  • Added ability to add E&M or other codes to the E-note set up option to have those posted before any other codes added in the note (500) (140969)
  • Added new reason for visit screen for general use (500) (137373)
  • Added ROS generic template (500) (138915)
  • Added Service line templates and Oncology exams (500) (137115)
  • Added face sheet logic to orders so it can be attached to outgoing faxes (500) (140584)
  • Added more lines, max is now 50, making interface a set up option in orders so you can hide it if you do not have an interface (500) (141152)
  • Added capability to comment Lab Orders (500) (141389)
  • Added Peds Review of Systems generic template (500) (138915)
  • Adding review button to document/lab review in assessment (500) (141324)
  • Added multiple body part option to ultrasound (500) (139108)
  • Added equipment tab to adult PMH (500) (140395)
  • Added Past Medication History (500) (127751)
  • Started with Oncology (500) (129331/129349)


  • Added additional columns for Follow-up dashboard details report (500) (141223)


  • Insurance: If insurance changes employer and relationship is 5 it will either automatically update demographics if demographics employer is blank, or prompt for update if demographics employer is not blank but different (400) (141576)
  • Added additional posting modes types to the Payment Methods. Added Manual or Auto Post or Date Range, Auto Post or Manual or Date Range, Manual or Date Range (138709) (500)
  • Created a way to filter Unapplied Payments and adjustments in Ledger (600) (131313)
  • Service Ticket: adding support for script to copy existing row to a blank one. Also multiple charge recap rows can be linked to a single unit_ fields and then units are added up when syncing. Copy row click event and also adding support for multiple links and unit syncing, dividing and adding up units between fields (500) (141433)
  • A837P: Expanded setup option #80 to allow defining data source and licence field # for CLIA# sent in Loop 2300 (140751) (10.0)
  • A837P: Setup option #122 now supports wildcards and ranges (10.0) (141183)
  • BWOTU: Removed setup option #1. The form will now auto-detect whether it is running in silent mode or not (100) (141949)
  • Added Indicator into ledger to show that payment comment is present (600) (139561)


  • FOTO: If set up we will launch FOTO portal upon signoff of discharge note (500) (140602)


  • Added Referral organization addition the appointment summary report (139260) (400)
  • Practice Analysis Breakdown reports – it’s now possible to only include lines that have a balance or lines that have a credit balance (400) (128219)


  • TVIST: Created a setup option for not requiring Prescription for posting (500) (140208)
  • TVIST: The RX label is now Button which shows the prescription list (400) (138991)
  • TVIST: POC can now be set by FC (500) (138947)
  • TVIST: Added discipline specific picklist for goals (400) (138588)
  • TVIST/LTNOT: Added education tab to TVIST and LTNOT for JCAHO compliance (500) (140393)
  • LTNOT: Added setup option to dictate if the case should be automatically closed when ‘No Services Needed’ is documented (400) (139949)
  • Added OPTIMAL tool to Rehab Note subjective questionnaires section (107638) (400)
  • Added 10 Meter Walk Test (500) (139064)


  • Added findWidgets RSL function for being able to find widgets by screen by name (500) (140337)
  • Added setKeyboardTabOrder RSL command (500) (137389)
  • Added ExportAppointments RSL command (500) (137424)
  • Added ArrayDiff and ArrayRemoveValues RSL expressions (500) (138953)
  • LoadFieldPreset command uses are now logged to logpath\FieldPresetsUsage[lanid].log file (500) (142838)
  • RTM customization prompt can’t be closed by ESC or F10 anymore (500) (140843)
  • When sending e-mail fails then corresponding SMTP error code is included in error message. Pressing F1 on error message leads directly to help page about SMTP error codes (400) (137369)


  • Added user rights to Create and Modify service packs (141165)
  • Optimized the memory usage for Server Updater (133610)
  • SU is now making backups of the data.db before each conversion (140502)
  • Created a way in SU for non-GO users to install dev packages. (SYSUPDATE=E & INSTALLDEV=E) (137620)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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