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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – June 2016

October 15, 2016 in New Product Features, Product Changes, Product News


  • Created RT Handoff strategy (500) (142581/142859)
  • Revamped the Record Lock Logic to not allow saving records that have lost the lock (500) (133420)
  • The EMR Plugin versioning is now in 10.2.500 (500) (140681)
  • Added sorting capability within picklist template (500) (139230)
  • Added Unknown Gender support for RT (500) (140122)
  • Scheduler: Added logging to the appointment relinker (500) (143673)
  • Added new expanded Orders view for Chart (500) (141606)
  • Added IDLETIMEOUTACT, IDLETIMEOUT and TERMINATIONTIME security rights to allow to override sec.ini idletimeout, idletimeoutaction and terminationtimeout settings (500) (138427)
  • Added TABLECODE L right for not allowing users with the right to change codes on standard tables (400) (139788)
  • VITAL: Added review checkbox (to notify MD review is needed) and coloring based on it being checked (500) (142906)
  • Dashboard: If reason for Cancel and No Show Appointments is empty then it shows ‘Cancel’ or ‘No Show’ accordingly (500) (143686)
  • Chart: RT will display all RX category records in Medication view on Chart instead of just the MEDRX (500) (142902)


  • Client Update is now only forced upwards but not downwards anymore (500) (135206)
  • Huge amount of work done in WebClient (139208)
  • Added capability to push Abbreviations setting from Server to client (500) (137459)


  • Added DrFirst links to Medical History (500) (133005)
  • Doctors can draw the areas of pain on Exam (500) (141852)
  • Started with Pulmonology (500) (140864)
  • Added Qutenza Procedure (500) (141603)
  • Added a side button that allows the doctor to make a task to remind them to refill the prescription (500) (141605)
  • Added no scar to spines (500) (141611)
  • Added new MRI screen (500) (143648)
  • Added social work E-Note (500) (143001)
  • Added template for psychological evaluation (500) (143002)
  • Added Clinical Research (500) (143321)


  • RT Generates CLGEN F/U notes to notify that claim got generated. Useful for catching whether the claims have gone out or not (500) (141909)
  • Follow-up Notes have now F/U History data which is now being used by follow-up productivity report (500) (140080)
  • Added possibility to link follow-ups to multiple billbars (500) (144026)


  • Created UnBilledCharges table, which will allow for faster insurance batch billing (500) (126484)
  • New batch control system in 10.2.600 (600) (82092)
  • Insurance: Added ability to view payor change log from patient insurance print option (500) (144200)
  • Insurance: Added Comment history for Insurance and Verify benefits screen (500) (139978)
  • MaxOutOfPocket: Added ability to skip accounts where insurance balance is not zero yet for the period (400) (142262)
  • Service ticket diagnosis pointer locks in case ticket is not saving by provider but patient diagnosis table has provider specific diagnosis (500) (135275)
  • HCFA: We are no longer printing a space between the qualifier and the taxonomy ID if both have been set up to be sent in box 33 (10.0)
  • HCFA/A837I/A837P: It’s now possible to choose between the mailing and physical address when sending the patient’s address in box 32 for services that were provided at home (500) (144092)
  • STATB: Added a new setup option – #46 – that allows to hide the previous insurance balance (10.0) (134494)
  • Batch Billing Profiles: Added ability to start label printing process after batch billing silently (400) (134522)
  • Service Ticket: Added support for Service ticket and narrativegroup to turn read-only fields that belong to narratives but may be not readonly because they belong to the billinggoup notecollection. They should be still readonly. (500) (137824)
  • UB04/A837I/A837P: It’s now possible to pull the admission hour from the case/ticket/supplier or use the standard fallback sequence (10.0)
  • A837I/A837P: Ensuring that the Claim ID and the Patient Number will be sent in CLM01 by overriding setup option #45 when documentation is exported for Workers Comp claims (10.0) (144127)
  • Remittance: it is now possible to define separate payment methods for electronic fund transfers (ETF/ACH) (10.0) (128646)
  • Remittance/A837P: Added Support for lguid based REF*6R values (10.0) (143782)
  • Remittance (UC15) Clarified ‘Claims not forwarded to Secondary Carrier automatically.’ The note on the follow up report now reads ‘Claims were not automatically crossed over to the next payor.’ (10.0) (135422)
  • Remittance: (UC15) Remittance will now always create the Follow-Up report even if it is empty. It will help to distinguish of something that didn’t happen vs something that happened but did not cause anything (10.0) (135419)


  • GL Export: Added ledger column to export history list (500) (141665)
  • FOTO is ready for 10.2.500 (500) (143467)
  • LABRE: Added a way to sign off PDF results in a batch from the PDF view (500) (140701)
  • Braintree: Added the new API support to RT Braintree integration (500) (139176)


  • Added a capability to include\exclude disabled users when printing the user table (500) (140657)
  • Added Charges/Payments/Adjustments/Balance to the Case Audit report as an option (400) (143668)
  • Added Bill to Payment lag addition to summary totals and cash flow analysis (400) (136842)
  • Created scheduler Activity Report (500) (139651)


  • LTNOT: Added tolerance and consent to LTNOT in order to be compliant with JCAHO requirements (400) (140565)
  • TVIST: Added functionality to show hover-box showing summary of time based activity charges (minutes and units) (500) (137423)
  • Added option to show prescription warnings on EMR (VISIT category) open (500) (138419)


  • Lot of QA & fixing done on different Tests and making them more consistent (500)
  • Added SOAPP questionnaire (500) (141608)


  • CertLogin can re-login with their own password (500) (139878)
  • Added possibility to change resources with appedit command (500) (143324)
  • Added a way how to dynamically create Scheduler Views with RSL (500) (141862)
  • Added HBSavePosition and HoverBoxPositionCleanup RSL commands (400) (141523)
  • Added Callback to ExportAppointments RSL command which can be used to add custom description for each appointment (500) (141427)
  • Ctrl+U debug info is now showing additional info for comboboxes (400) (143574)
  • Added RSL expression support to non-duplicate and sort emr filters (400) (141054)
  • Added DeletePatientFromArchive RSL command (500) (143222)
  • Added emrGetByGuid, emrPlugin and emrPluginPathByName merge tags (500) (143462)
  • Added rtDiskUsageTop rtCmdConsole command (500) (143794)
  • When EmrOwner is synced w. EmrDoc then EmrOwner change event is triggered, so actions related to emrOwner change can be triggered (500) (141470)
  • Added User.getEmail and User.isSystemUser RSLLIB functions (500) (143424)
  • RIDE File Search is now supporting comma as file masks separator (500) (145090)
  • rtClient is now sending 32 lines of rtClient.log with the ELF to the door (500) (145700)
  • Added IncludeOutputFileHeader Y/N property to ReportEngine (500) (141730)

Server Updater

  • Server Updater is now automatically saving the Installation report (143148)
  • Additional optimizations to the SU speed (141913)
  • Improved the e-mail which will go out with AutoDeployment (141644)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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