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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – July 2016

October 15, 2016 in New Product Features, Product Changes


  • The Ctrl-Q colors of the DB list are now stored in one place to allow the consistency of them being colored the same way when switching databases (500) (144465)
  • Added Vital Graph for Bariatric Vital Signs (500) (144454)
  • Added check to validate Zip codes when entering them to RT (400) (141093)
  • Scheduler: If appointment is deleted then we ask reason from user, deleted appointments are visible in the patient appointment history list (500) (139654)
  • Dashboard: Rejected tickets in billing review list show in red (500) (139952)
  • Dashboard: The Next Visit column in pedscaseload list on dashboard will compute the next visit based on current date and time (500) (144024)
  • Added capability to filter the Referral table by NPI (500) (144990)
  • Added ability to display advanced roll-forward notifications via global.ini settings (500) (133702)
  • Added capability to not check the primary race & change of reports to support it (500) (141702)
  • Portal: Added ability to use Portal for Medical history only (it won’t allow changes to demographic or payor) (500) (140326)
  • SEND: Added Narrative to Disclosure records (600) (138081)


  • Batch posting from billing review runs in low priority mode (500) (139952)
  • Added a global.ini setting for being able to set a custom temporary folder (500) (141359)
  • Case Payor search: use one data load to pull all needed data about the payor (500) (137465)


  • Added lymphedema to muscle exam for oncology (500) (146266)
  • Social History: Added chewing tobacco, pipes, other drugs (500) (141816)
  • Added ability to save tab names in set up per template (500) (141709)
  • TMJ has been added in both extremity and regular adjustments (500) (145844)
  • Added DME order to E-Note system (500) (144954)
  • Added today e-note check box that can be saved in the template, adding a set up option to allow others to sign off an order for the provider, changed the hidden signature button to just give an error message, adding NPI to signature from ENOTE (500) (144961)
  • Added set up option and rule to make sure at least one dx is checked on an order. If there is no problem list on the screen it will not run. The setting is turned off by default (500) (145746)
  • Added Clear All button to DAS exams (500) (147100)


  • Created a central place to route the follow-up notes (141615)
  • ADDFNOTE FS command takes now parameters to find and use best matching follow-up setup (500) (138795)


  • Insurance subscriber phone pulls in the cell phone# if there is no home phone # and pulls in work phone # if there is no cell phone
  • Added New standard billing group – PRLMO – that breaks by provider, location and month (based on PRLOC with an additional break by month)
  • HCFA: setup option #103 now allows up to 3 characters for the qualifier (10.0) (146207)
  • Remittance: It is now possible to define separate payment methods for electronic fund transfers (ETF/ACH) (10.0) (128646)
  • Remittance: Added ability to choose payment reason code on batch payment posting screen. Allows you define auto cross over with 19 reason code then which triggers the secondary billbar (300) (142683)
  • Auth: Added ability to limit authorization warnings to be usergroup specific depending on authorization case and usergroup values (400) (139469)
  • Added a global.ini setup option ‘SupplierNoteColor’ to set a default supplier note color in ledger (500) (138759)
  • Service ticket: We have now an ability to do completely custom posting order by using PRSORT[n] fields (500) (141631)


  • LABRE: Added EMR linkwidgets to Order Information tab (500) (142883)
  • Tasklist Monitoring: Added a Customer name to interface e-mail alert and implemented error count reset on successful ping count (124814)
  • Introduced FOTO to 10.2.400 (400) (145505)


  • Case Audit Report: Added ‘Role Supervising (Eval.) Provider’ and ‘Role Supervising (Eval.) Provider Name’ columns (500) (145724)
  • Meaningful Use: All CQM reports are moved to submenu “Previous Years CQMs (500) (144732)
  • Practice Analysis Breakdown Reports – added new option that allows to generate a new custom report based on breakdown selections (400) (130035)
  • Added visit date & location filters to visit utilization report (500) (140011)


  • Created ePOC for Internal Referrals (500) (138895)
  • TVIST: Speech Therapy goals are now in picklist format (500) (138588)
  • TVIST: Added concussion exams for PT-OT and ST in TVIST (500) (139766)
  • LTNOT: Added Discharge planning to LTNOT (500) (143137)
  • Added “Patient Refused” option to PQRS (500) (141352)
  • Added setup option to hide goals if they have been discontinued for [NumberOf] days (500) (145201)


  • Added POPDI-6, CRADI-8 and the UDI-6 tests (500) (139066)
  • Added WOMAC Questionnaire (500) (139068)


  • Script can now ask what should be the initial appointment view for user (500) (142823)
  • Ctrl-Q (change of color) actions are now logged to file history (500) (144464)
  • RPM monitor collects and reports on concurrent mysql threads running (146276)
  • Added capability to show hints for RadioButtons and Checkboxes (500) (146954)
  • Added narrativeGroup notecollection to ServiceTicket (500) (139045)
  • We now show warning message on posting when function code/PQRS is required, but the buttons are missing (500) (147154)

Server Updater

  • Added AutoDeploy rule creation for multiple customers has now specific product key and e-mail address fields (143809)
  • Added Recurrence column and Filter for it to Deploy List page (146852)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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