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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – August 2016

October 15, 2016 in New Product Features, Product Changes, Product News


  • Advanced copay section now shows charge code/category descriptions. It also shows if copays are to be summed up by code or category (500) (145408)
  • Chart: Added the Problems List to the general tab of the Chart (500) (137916)
  • Chart: Added possibility to add authorization from admin tab->auth emr list (500) (144637)
  • Dashboard: Task Overview Report – Added date explanation, Category, priority, open/close filters. Data sorting accordingly (user id, full name, location, due date, category, priority) also added additional data – created by, created date, due date, location, priority, category (400) (137427)
  • Intake Form now prints Billing Ref from Demo, in the bottom of the first page (500) (146083)
  • QoS Report: Added CSV output via FS command, filter rules, hourly detail to graph, total pings to avgerage report, 10x speed improvement, average slow ping login (400) (138577)
  • QoS Report: Added capability to understand what’s the average ping speed of a slow ping (400) (141573)
  • Added setup option to create SEND task after DOC record signoff. Doc can define task type and subtype (600) (145684)


  • Implemented new Symantec Certificate signing to the Raintree Client (141301)


  • Added set up option to skip certain referral source codes from the SEND routing (500) (146237)
  • Added chemical exposure to social history (500) (138297)
  • It is now possible to sign off E-Note in batch mode (500) (143753)
  • Select All and Deselect All buttons available in Clinical Research Procedure record to select/deselect all steps at once (500) (149585)
  • Added print routine to CAWC authorization forms to work with send routing (500) (148066)
  • Adding Hip Device to Chiro Rehab (500) (148993)
  • Added Sluggish Brisk to cervical neuro exam (500) (148994)
  • Combined Rheum UE and LE Exams (500) (146337)


  • Creating a follow up note when item is posted manually, to indicate a billbar was touched (500) (141910)
  • Added ability to change follow-up date on multiple follow-ups in one go (500) (147428)
  • Follow up setup screen for financial classes and insurance providers


  • Added Waiting to be billed billbar – Passed all edits but has not been sent out yet (500) (141167)
  • Visit Rate is now working with Cap Account (400) (145686)
  • Added new service ticket tab to Financial Class Setup options which includes a checkbox called ‘Requires billing review’ (500) (139071)
  • Coding Edits: We now exclude charges with Type of Service = NU from max units limits (500) (138752)
  • LedgerSorter: Added ability to tell if a charge has a exception billbar linked or not, ubchargerec.exceptionbilled Y/N. Can be used for filtering (500) (147599)
  • A837P/A837I: RT makes sure that dashes are removed from zip codes, no matter where they are sourced from (10.0) (144138)
  • Auth: Added authorization requirement checking by TOS in charge table
  • Added a new setup options for eligibility batches that allow to run automated batches on the patient list based on effective dates with optional status filters (500) (144468)
  • Report Filters: Ability to use security groups as user filters, instead of specific users. Scripting support for the ability to filter by provider groups instead of specific providers (500) (141032)
  • A837P: Setup option #132 controls whether billing (default) or rendering provider data is sent in loops 2310B and 2420A. However, the logic that controls whether a single 2310B or multiple 2420As are needed, did not account for this option and was always basing the decision on line item billing providers. Going forward that is no longer the case – line item rendering or billing providers are used, depending on the value from setup option #132 (10.0)
  • HCFA/A837P: Added support for custom resubmission codes (10.0) (148108)
  • Deleting insurance will now close all opened VBEN records for that insurance (500) (140071)


  • The Report Scheduler is now automatically registered after it’s been installed from SU for the first time (10.0) (148915)
  • Created Claim Management Performance report (500) (147601)
  • Updated and modernized the standalone version of the payment distribution report (PDIS) (10.2) (147590)
  • Correspondence and Tracking Report – Added new filter screen and report output sorting/column order (500) (138232)
  • There is now a future visit count in the Appointment Summary report (400) (132883)
  • Added Future appointment count & Future appointment count in range columns to Appointment Summary report (400) (141367)


  • Added VUR setup options for therapist visit checks for excluding w defined appointment statuses (400) (144783)
  • TVIST: In case of Speech Therapy we are hiding the objective tabs for ROM, MMT, reflexes and neuro as these are not needed for speech therapy (500) (145907)
  • TVIST: We are now displaying the FC and INS in the window caption (500) (145829)
  • TVIST: Added setup option to enable transfer of activities with specified values in the ‘Special’ column (500) (142710)
  • IFSP lists now show default program and PCREV template (500) (148693)
  • LTNOT/LPOC: The standard LTNOT/POC are now showing the primary language in its header (500) (147606)
  • Created a new Conversion Note – Plan of treatment. It can be used if other agency did the Evaluation (500) (141322)


  • Added Swallow Study tests (500) (147143)
  • Added PQ026 – Dizziness Handicap Inventory (500) (141474)


  • Added RecToXML and XMLToRec FS functions that save/load XML to/from string (500) (146072)
  • Added EmrToXmlContent, XmlContentToEmr, EmrToXmlFile, XmlFileToEmr FS functions to export/import emr record with all content to/from XML (500) (146072)
  • CS. Files: Added capability to draw the makeselect from original index (500) (145112)
  • F8 History is now color coding the fields based on being normal, hidden or _MyVariableData field (500) (129530)
  • Added RSL function to calculate the RDFChecksum (147777)
  • Added possibility to define shape offset on graph (500) (140557)
  • Added possibility to switch screens in WebPortal directly from RSL script (146873)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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