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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – April 2016

May 13, 2016 in Product News


  • Created new Texas Medicaid form for 05/01/2016 (139405) (10.2+)
  • Revamped the “Post (for Others)” & Send to Billing Review logic. It now supports both buttons at the same time instead of the one or the other (135383) (400)
  • Scheduler: Ctrl-N can now be used to set an appointment to No Show (140195) (500)
  • Scheduler: Added possibility to have appointment type specific appointment view columns (136550) (500)
  • Scheduler: On Patient Appointment Screen Appointments Tab user can now append same comment to multiple appointments on the same day (137406) (500)
  • QoS: LAN mode is on by default. There is a new average ping measurement column. Changed the format for slow pings measurement in LAN mode (139004) (400)
  • Enhanced the PullFromCase/PushToCaseAfterSave logic to work better with Signed/Posted Service Tickets (138320) (500)
  • Added Setup for Contact record. Option #1 allows to control how billing referral is synced to Demographics screen (139185) (400)
  • Vital Signs got a minor overhaul (139661) (400)
  • EMR: We have now a button on EMR Plugin View for allowing to Upload files to the EMR Plugin Directory (140406) (500)
  • EMR: Raintree now displays the name of the template with RollForward (135042) (400)
  • DASHBOARD: We automatically add location filter to dashboard scheduler (139412) (400)
  • DASHBOARD: Added Chart Audit Report button to Pediatric Caseload tab (136938) (400)


  • Both User and Global abbreviations are now available on Memo Toolbar, Memo Right Click menu and RTF Editor Toolbar/Right Click (139841) (500)


  • Changed appoint.com, _waitinglist.com, appoint_cancellations._comment, emrsignaturecomments._comment, workschedules.data fields from blob to varchar for faster MySQL handling speed (134198) (500)


  • Added Arterial Study of Lower Ext Template (137568) (Dev)
  • Added OMT template (137578) (500)
  • Added Asthma and Allergy History Templates (138916) (500)
  • Created a CHIRO E-Note (138961/138963/138964/138967/140166) (500)
  • Added Pulmonary Orders/Procedures (140586) (500)
  • Clear Roll Forward button is now available in the Objective tab to clear any rolled forward data in a sub record as needed (140593) (500)
  • Added capability to send SMS messages through E-Note (137379) (500)


  • Created an option to Payment Methods to force Daterange Payment to be with open range (139126) (500)
  • Added a new setup option to Ledger Library: “#10 Prompt for copay update, if posted copay differs from payor one?” Allows turning off the prompt to update copay on Payor after posting co-payment with different amount (137696) (400)
  • Added additional functionality to Max out of Pocket: 1. Ability to run multiple ranges at one time with the maximum out of pocket utility. 2. Payor checkbox to say if Max out of Pocket is for coins only 3. Name to the Max out of Pocket report 4. Making Max out of Pocket report schedulable 5. Support for day and week for Max out of Pocket (135449) (400)
  • Patient Pay: Created LastToPay script to add O-Payor records to patients for Patient Pay (134033) (400)
  • Added additional check for not allowing invalid diagnosis pointer ranges when editing charge directly from ledger (131821) (500)
  • Remittance: Added new setup option that allows to skip patient name checks during claim ID based patient lookup (139648)
  • STATE: Change: If doing statement by location or provider, previous balance row will show the provider or location column value (140544)
  • A837P: Added capability to do a new callback doSetupOptionOverridesExt (136163)
  • GRANT: Added new GRANT billing script that works like capitation, but also supports non-primary payors (140659)
  • A837P/A837I/UB04/HCFA: The logic that pulls comments from the service ticket/case/payor record is now capable of handling RTF memo fields (141208)
  • SCHIN/SCHI2: Added Setup option that allows to show aging buckets and an option that allows to include previous balances (138827)


  • Medbridge: If there is an open EMR then we will use the prcode of the EMR on the DOC record we use for saving the .PDF we receive from MedBridge (140029) (400)


  • The first iteration of Case Audit report is now officially done (125138) (400)
  • MU Reports – We can now show information for measures that user can exclude because denominator is below threshold (138750) (400)
  • Added – Location / Payment report (139175) (400)
  • Print menu of security table has now a way to print out the security rights for one user only (139852) (400)
  • QueryBuilder allows using RSL expressions as part of post processing capability (129753) (Dev)
  • Authorization report has now an option to also run for patient number range instead of single patient (132328) (400)
  • Case Audit Report. It now has support for “Surgery Type” (135513) (400)


  • Date First Consulted fields are now on first tab of LTERM/REHAB cases (137931) (500)


  • Added rthd, rtsd and rtemr F3 Command Console commands (139583) (400)
  • Added GetRTMWidgetsByType FS function to get list of widget by widget type (138243) (500)
  • Created scandir.exe for Amazon Lazy loading speedup (140407)
  • Created a maintenance script to update customers who have Contact/Registration entries, which are not reflected on Parent/Guardian tab and preferred and primary selections (138694) (400)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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