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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – March 2016

April 25, 2016 in Product News


  • Added Capability to toggle sign-off requirement from EMR Edit menu (139129) (500)
  • Added capability to amend VOIDed EMR records (139130) (500)
  • Added Knowledgebase support to 10.2.400 (135645)
  • We ported the NoSQL field support for Charge items in LTNOT down to .400 (137005) (400)
  • The very first iteration of the RT Connect is completed (132953) (500)
  • The Search Log Files utility works now properly in 10.2.400+ (138323) (400)
  • Improved the Email testing tool, added support for script path based settings (138925) (400)
  • Added an option to postpone charge posting until final cosign (132270) (400)
  • It is now possible filter the Inventory report based on location (139334) (500)
  • Appointment card has support for header and footer (139431) (500)
  • WF Manager: if WF contains no steps that create a ticket, then default ticket can be defined on Settings tab of WF (138834) (400)
  • Modified the way how 10.2.500 shows the fastbreak captions. It now makes sure that it retains the patient name at the caption when switching the tabs and the patient being picked from scheduler (139220) (500)
  • Picklist: Added capability mark (+save & load) templates as ‘show only personal templates’ (139861) (400)
  • Beautified the Authorization Hoverbox (139915) (600)
  • Patient Portal: Raintree now supports location based logos (135770) (400)
  • Added ‘Unknown’ as option for gender. Also updated Intake Form to accept that value. The option can be turned on from Module Configuration (138871) (400)
  • Re-Engineered the Race & Ethnicity in Demo Screen to allow custom races (138987) (500)
  • SEND: Added ability to print POC, Note or Both from the any list containing visit Notes (130837) (500)
  • F/U Dashboard: The follow-ups can now be filtered by Location code (140032) (500)
  • F/U Dashboard: In order to increase the speed Follow-up Dashboard is now shows up to 1M records. When the real count is higher than 1M RT will show an hoverbox indicating the status (138354) (500)


  • Very first iteration of fast reports based on InnoDB got accepted from customer (129309) (500)
  • Optimized the way how RT updates the Balance table after the UpdateEntry RSL command (135529) (500)
  • Fast Reports: Created an agent memory based patient hitlist for reports (138449) (600)
  • Fast Reports: Created new way of making patient filters for report builder (139670) (600)
  • Optimized the way how we load the savedListColumnWidths.ini (Top #7 in the files accessed trace) (136244) (500)
  • Changed the way how RSL evaluates the functions. It will now skip evaluating the leaves if the data is not necessary (136322) (Dev)
  • SmartFind makes less queries. In case of full table scan it is 30% faster. It is aware of the Date of Birth and Social Security Number format and makes direct scan for the corresponding indexes (140105) (500)


  • EMG: Added diagnosis matching for EKG order and procedure (137571) (600)
  • Added adding Upper and Lower extremity to EMG (138769) (600)
  • Added NCV (137574) (600)
  • Added Posturography (137575) (600)
  • Added Stress ABI (137576) (600)
  • Added Spirometry (137581) (600)
  • Added Stress Spirometry (137577) (600)
  • Added PFT (137579) (600)
  • Added Transcranial Doppler (137582) (600)
  • Added VNG Procedure and Order (137584) (600)
  • Breaking OMT results into 3 categories, procedure, results, and recommendations (138774) (600)
  • Better handling for problem notes in E-Note (139431) (400)
  • Diagnosis mapping on Procedures works now as assessment (137455) (500)
  • Added Chiro assessment to E-Note (138964) (500)
  • Added E&M service ticket (138203) (500)


  • Added adjustments column to the follow up productivity report (139286) (500)
  • Remittance: Added new options that allow to generate follow up notes for defined reason codes (based on the code or the triggered action) (117497)
  • Added logic that deletes payment follow up notes at the time of deleting payment and reopens automatically closed claim status notes (137876) (500)
  • Manually added notes are now marked as worked automatically. Added option not to allow to delete notes, require marking as completed instead. The cursor at F/U note is now moving to the end of the memo automatically (139665) (500)
  • Added capability to better track the changes of the F/U note (139290) (500)
  • “F/U Work Done” report has now the Clinic breakdown (139792) (500)
  • If AddFNote RSL command fails to find specific rules for the FC then RT will check the rules from _____ FC (137875) (500)


  • Patient Insurance: If effective date is more than a year in the future, user will be warned and asked if they would like to proceed using this date (138748) (500)
  • Patient Insurance: If copay is ‘per day’, then EMR program/case is not important – copay payments with any program are considered as ‘paid’. Meaning copayment for ST001 is effective for same day visit PT001 as well (136560) (400)
  • Patient Insurance: When RT fills the Subscriber Phone number it checks for all phone numbers in the Demo record and tries to find the first phone in following order: Home phone -> Cell Phone -> Work Phone (137990) (400)
  • Service Ticket: When ticket is marked as no visit, then at the time of posting, the agent will check if all charges are marked as NV, if not it will ask if to mark charges as NV. When unposting the no-visit will be removed from the Ticket, but the charge details still remain marked as NV (139614) (500)
  • Remittance: Created a new primary/secondary reason code grouping model along with hold action level setup capabilities (122610)
  • Remittance: the Move button is no longer tied to the ‘Hide all buttons for actions that involve more than one file’ setup option (139233)
  • Authorization: Auth Recalc is now multiledger aware. Also added ability for manual recalc to keep already billed charges linked to the current authorization record (if it still applies) (134684) (400)
  • SCHIN: Added option to show billed amount in schin total columns (139067)
  • RSCPT: The Patient Receipt form now supports DB specific logos (139701)


  • Created capability to interface with Quest (138594)


  • Added Location / Payment Report (139175) (400)
  • Added setup option to exclude some categories from ‘Print Notes’ report (138361) (400)
  • Added Include/Exclude functionality to filters for Appointment Summary Report (137524) (400)
  • Added Referring MD to Chart Audit Report (BillAs Referrer currently) (138822) (400)


  • Added capability to pull initial prescription values from RX record to the TVIST (136815) (500)
  • Therapy options for Insurance Additional and FC additional have capability to set the Functional codes required for Ins/FC (138516) (400)
  • Added Used and Remaining Visit information to the Prescription Record (138421) (500)
  • Changes requested by user group completed to GFTA-2 test (139672) (500)
  • Added setup option to TVIST to allow user to indicate the amount of time that needs to be noted in the activity log in order for the Work Hardening charge to be triggered when transferring charges from activities (133219)
  • Function codes are now rolling forward the rationale (139310) (500)
  • Created a way to use Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) as Individualized Education Program (IEP) with implementing the Plan type (139882) (500)
  • LTNOT timed and untimed units error message are now in a single prompt (137750) (400)


  • Template Editor: Synced the Auto Tab Order functionality down to 500. It is now possible to select the widgets and do the right-click & Auto Order (139603)
  • Added FormatByMask RSL function (139505) (500)
  • Added OnItemFocusChange event to Extended Listbox. Extended listbox OnChange event is called only when selection changes (previously mouse click also triggered it). OnItemFocusChange is called when RefreshStyle is AnyKey and focused item changes (138955) (400)
  • Added User/Group filter to RSL rules. If User/Group is defined for a rule then either SysId has to match it or user has to belong to a given group in order to run the rule (138110) (500)
  • Added new scheduler tag . It creates possibility to show referral organization in the scheduler (138613) (400)

Raintree Service

  • Added possibility to bind Raintree Service to specific IP and Network Interface Card (140211) (500)


  • INSTALLDEV E right will allow installing packages with any status (137702) (400)
  • We are now showing the information about source and destination of script synchronization on Action History page (140042) (Dev)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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