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Changes, Optimizations and New Features in Raintree – February 2016

March 1, 2016 in Product News


  • Very first iteration of RT Connect with very basic functionality is ready. It is deployed and being tested by an early adopter (132957) (Dev)
  • Date Field: If user has picked the Month and Day and tries to leave from Date field the year portion it is automatically filled with current year (137333) (400)
  • Added an option for Direct Access tracking in Rehab Provider Setup (136893) (400 for TNOTE portion, 500)
  • Added ‘copy setup from’ option to all lists on Coding Edits setup (136665) (400)
  • Overhauled LIB_VBEN (134696) (500)
  • Scheduler: Added DefaultLastDoc and Loc to standard Weekly appointment view. It will make sure that the Weekly view is filtered and won’t be able to slow down the rtClient due needing to show tens of thousands of appointments (137101) (500)
  • Added new setup option to configure subject line of email alerts & reminders (138604) (500)
  • Added a ‘(show all)’ section to RTF Editor Insert Fields (138766) (500)
  • Added ‘Patient Chart’ option to the right click menu of the Notes Routing screen (137474) (400)
  • Merged the Windows 8/Windows 2012 RTF support to 9.4 to 10.2.200. It was already present in .300+ (120204)
  • We are now fully compatible with MU 2015 reporting requirements (136260, 135930, 135935, 136252, 136254, 136256, 136257, 136258, 136259, 136258, 136259, 136261, 137628, 138142) (400)


  • EMR lists that don’t have advanced query optimization enabled are faster (137352) (500)
  • Optimized the way how Provider Setup validated the provider credentials (137464) (500)
  • We are now using less queries in TEAM record handling after the signoff of Visit Record (135418) (500)
  • Reduced the I/O load with reading menus.dbname.ini. Also made some adjustments to be better compatible with being used over the network share (136315) (400)
  • Script command EMRUPDATE now saves record to database only if there was meaningful change (138037) (500)


  • Dashboard: Added Financial Class columns to Appointments views in Dashboard (134883) (Dev)
  • Dashboard: Added Closed Group Tasks list with Detail mode (128587) (500)
  • Chart: Added Print Notes functionality. It allows printing documents of EMR list all at once. Number of printed documents can be limited by Chart setup. Added Review buttons to chart main screen and the sub screens to support the functionality (135127) (500)


  • Added new linkwidget to LABRE for adding/selecting an ORDER category record (136392) (500)
  • Beautified the Lab Summary view (135355) (500)


  • Created E-Note for PEDS (118736) (500)
  • Added Exams for PM&R ENOTE (136387) (500)
  • Added Therapy orders to the internal orders template (135223) (500)
  • Created History Templates for PEDS (118879) (500)
  • Added one to one diagnosis for in-house lab (137456) (500)


  • Added capability to create RCOMP/HOLDU follow-up notes for the billbars created before the new Rev-Edition follow-up system (135327) (500)
  • Implemented new system that will check follow up code default settings override definitions to determine follow up note user (136109) (500)


  • Service ticket: Added ability to turn off maximum out of pocket adjustments at the time of ticket posting (137943) (400)
  • Service Ticket: If ticket is posted and refreshing diagnosis codes from pdiag, we are not shifting the existing ones to the right but replace them. Idea is that if they change then it is because user changed them in pdiag and wants to replace them (137709) (400)
  • Remittance: Added units as column to the Remittance Reason Code Breakdown Report (137447)
  • Remittance: It’s now possible to add a note to each file that will be shown in a hover box when the check list is opened (138358)
  • Remittance: We are now storing remittance log files under logpath\Remittance.[database]\Station_[stationID]\ instead of storing them in the upload folder (usually located in the scriptpath
  • Remittance: Added new buttons on the posting screen – ‘Split and Check’ and ‘Split and Check All’ – that allow to split a file into checks and trigger a file check afterward (138359)
  • Remittance: New feature: it’s now possible to search payments by the claim control number (138650)
  • STATE/STATB: Both standard statement forms now also list the name of the script on the note that gets posted to the ledger (138360)
  • A837P: Removed hard coded logic for place of service 12. Whether or not it is treated as a home location depends now entirely on setup option #131-4, where 12 is listed by default (and has been ever since this option was added) (138896)
  • Workers Comp: Created Physician’s Return-to-Work & Voucher Report (WSTAT) (132275)
  • HCFA: added a new extension call at the time of pulling values from cases (139009)
  • ITMBA: Created Alternate Basic Itemized Form (ITMBA) (137143)
  • WorkFlow Manager: Force Reload from one particular Workflow will now prompt for date range filter (135735) (500)


  • Added ‘Case Payor Subscriber Name’ column capability to Case Audit Report (137645) (400)
  • Enabled case filters for Aging and Payment Analysis reports (138324) (400)
  • Visit Utilization Report – added Next Period Visit Count filters. Allows filtering by patients who have missing/too many visits by given amount (135040) (400)


  • Added ITPA-3 in Pediatric Interactions test “T1044” (113272) (500)
  • Conversion Note is now a part of standard TVIST (137234) (500)
  • Created a way to pull the progress review due days/visits from progress tracking (138947) (Dev)


  • Added WINDOW_AfterSyncFromEmrLink Event (136542) (Dev)
  • Added LoadRecordToArray, LoadEmrCustomRecordToArray, SaveArrayToRecord, SaveArrayToEmrCustomRecord FS functions. They are used as a array based counterpart functions to LoadRecordToVariables and SaveVariablesToRecord (136687) (500)
  • ADDFNOTE RSL command now supports adding follow-up notes to different databases (137267) (500)
  • We are not logging the Logpath\SyncDirs\yyyymmdd_LanID_###.tmp files by default anymore. It can be switched on via a global.ini option (138277) (400)
  • Created an EMR Re-merger utility (130078)
  • Added capability to filter EMR template list by category in EMR template lookup mask. This allows to create more logical dynamic filters for EMR lists where list already filters by some category (138790) (500)

The first number in brackets indicates the internal Task ID under which the task was made. The second number indicates the branch as of which the functionality has made available. If there is no branch number it is available at least as of 10.0+

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